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Since its inception in 2019, Musical Innovators has prioritized the creation of original projects among its objectives.  

Thanks to the competence and interdisciplinarity of our team, we have been able to invent new formats in different areas such as education, composition and acoustics. Examples of this are our concerts-conferences, educational programs with a participating public or open days.


These original Musical Innovators projects have aroused great interest both in the audience and in great professionals in the music sector, which has led us to broaden and open new horizons in their formation. 

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Acoustic Hybrid Piano is a type of piano with a unique timbre that has just been released to the world.  This is a piano that includes two-level tuning.

Crazy Piano Club

Concerts open to the public in which they experiment with different pianos.

Guest musicians and Master Classes. 

Piles of Clothes on a Piano


Concert-conferences where the invited musicians tell their personal experiences through their career as artists. 

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