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Acoustic Hybrid Piano

ACOUHYB is a project that has just been launched into the world and that comes to revolutionize the music scene.  

Despite its recent training, it already has hundreds of people attracted by this new timbre and its great possibilities. 

Why should you care?

It is the FIRST ACOUSTIC PIANO to include two-level tuning. 

It has TWO different acoustic CHIMES that the pianist can alternate.

The patent  has been registered in the operation of the left pedal.


Piano Lesson

Several professionals in the music industry, has been attracted by ACOUHYB, in the classical and contemporary panorama.


And it has opened unknown fields in the world  composition and improvisation. 

Haz click en el botón de abajo para conocer en más detalle nuestro piano ACOUHYB -4 ENSCHU, la técnica de afinación ACOUHYB y escuchar los distintos timbres. 

How does ACOUHYB sound?

The "Crazy Piano Timbre" has a unique sound, which captivates the audience that listens to it.  

With this new mechanism (invented by piano restorer and tuner Sergey Gogolev)  we can maintain the identity of the piano sound in almost all its magnitude, but also, we can access two different sound identities. 


Timbre possibilities as a compositional element

Interpretive possibilities as a resource in the stylization of works from previous periods.

ACOUHYB as an acoustic experimentation project.

Popular music and challenge in relation to electronic music.

DELIS DUO and ACOUHYB  - Frederic Mompou - "El pont"

DELIS DUO and ACOUHYB - Frederic Mompou - "El pont"

ACOUHYB, FIRST ACOUSTIC PIANO WITH DIFFERENT TIMBRES ACOUHYB is a new technique that allows you to have two different tunings on an acoustic piano. One tuning is normal and the other is achieved by setting a different frequency on one of the three middle and high note strings. This change of frequency must be carried out by a professional tuner following the ACOUHYB specifications. During the performance, the pianist can change timbre by operating one of the pedals. Thus, a different sound is achieved, richer in harmonics. Available timbres: Celesta - 1 Hz in parallel tuning Italian accordion - 4 Hz in parallel tuning In preparation: French accordion - 8 HZ in parallel tuning Anthem ACOUHYB (fragment of reflections with all the timbres): NEW Piano ACOUHYB ACOUHYB is a piano to which a 4th string has been added in the middle and high notes. In this way, both normal tuning and that applied using the ACOUHYB technique are reinforced. ACOUHYB will be manufactured at the new Japanese piano company ENSCHU born in Shizuoka, the centre of production of musical instruments in Japan. If you are interested in the new ACOUHYB tuning system or in the acquisition of the new ACOUHYB piano, do not hesitate to contact us. Email: Tel/WhatsApp : Real Music Spain SL Str/Renart, 8 08030 Barcelona Spain ACOUHYB piano will be produced soon by: Enschu Musical Instruments Production Inc. ADDRESS: 1-4-10 A-1,Shin Miyakoda, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, 431-2103, Japan TEL/WhatsApp: URL: CEO: Makoto Iwasa Please CONTACT US for additional information about our products and services. You can contact us by sending an message on Whatsapp or email to
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