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ACOUHYB for ACOUHYB thanks to Volartpons

For over a year now, Volartpons has been overseeing the patent, contracts, and registration

of the brands of Musical Innovators.

Volartpons is an industrial property agency, that is, patents and trademarks, that has been

defending the innovations and interests of companies and individuals, both at national and

international level, through correspondents around the world since 1915.

In 2019, Sergey Gogolev contacted him to register and protect some of the patents of Musical Innovators, following some bad experiences with other lawyers. It was not until

February 2021 that he concluded his contract with Ignasi Espiell –engineer, lawyer and

Volartpons agent–, who explained the following: “Sergey’s invention, specifically, I liked it

because it is from a sector of musicians, instruments, where innovation is quite limited, and

it was a challenge”.

Volartpons protects the new patent, but also manages the contracts and trademark

registration. So far, it has regulated rights transfers in the recording of the concert and in

the manufacture of the ACOUHYB in Japan and has three trademarks registered: ACOUHYB,

Crazy Piano Club and Acoustic Hybrid Piano. Thus, the name associated with the patent is

currently owned by Musical Innovators at Spanish and international level.

Within the world of music, the one that Ignasi is most interested in is the technical part of

the instruments, how the sound is achieved. He knew a bit about how the tuning of pianos

worked, but the ACOUHYB seemed very innovative to him: "I investigated to protect him properly, I even went to listen to him at the Sergey’s house – the ACOUHYB modified

Feurich he had then – and he taught me how it worked. I was very pleased about the

possibility of changing the tone on an acoustic piano, that's very new".

Ignasi Espiell, more pragmatic than some of our musicians, associates the sound of

ACOUHYB with that of accordion: "Sergey told me that in his day, so I know the answer. He

told me that the tuning was close to that of the accordions". Either way, he has willingly

attended several of the concerts organized by Musical Innovators.

Ignasi augurs a promising future for the project: "It seems to me an innovative project that

can mark the use of pedal made so far. Then the industry may accept it and produce a new

kind of piano that is the ACOUHYB, which will be accepted by everyone".

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