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For example, No. 5500 is a regional maritime nautical chart. Some of the common Latin and Greek letters are also abbreviated or replaced by place names. For example, NZ = New Zealand, AC = American Samoa and ACB = American Columbia Basin. The US Hydrographic Office uses five-digit numbers for all of its charts: Nominal scale = 1:5,000,000 (0.5 ft = 1 nm) Horizontal = 1 : 2,000,000 (0.01° = 1 ft) Vertical = 1 : 1,600,000 (0.001° = 1 ft) From the publication, the following is also a general reference: “A basic four-digit number indicates the general product type: 3 signifies three-dimensional printed color maps, 2 signifies two-dimensional printed color charts, 1 signifies one-dimensional printed color charts, and 4 signifies line drawings, e.g., topographic, nautical, or aeronautical charts, charts of geographic features, etc.” To convert nautical charts into a more precise measurement, the Nautical Charts Database (NCD) provides information about latitudes and longitudes and other data (including depths, depths and errors, right ascension and declination and magnitudes of the sun, the moon, and the planets) for some of the world's best-known nautical charts. Other Admiralty Chart Books There are three other series of Admiralty Chart Books with a somewhat different focus. These are the series of general atlases and the series of lithographed nautical charts. General Atlases Admiralty General Atlases are a series of six numbered atlases published in the late 19th century by the General Printing Office in Greenwich. The atlases have been available for about 100 years, and have a simple and direct title format, that is similar to that of the Le Geographe series of general atlases. The series is updated every three years. This series is comparable to the Le Geographe series in that it is a series of general atlases focused on the world's oceans, which has been published in France, Germany, Spain, and Sweden for over 100 years. The general atlases are a series of atlases on geography and hydrograph




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Np 5011 Pdf Free Download daliniss

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